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Why are Pro's required to hold onto speedy standards but Managers are not?

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  • Gabriela Schneider #1534751531821

    Hey there, Mac!
    How do you do?

    We apologize for the situation, and we assure you, anytime this happens, we'll be more than happy to remove it from your stats once it is reviewed by a QC Agent. Of course, in the event that your submission does have a quality issue and is rejected due to this, then we cannot remove it from impacting your stats.

    In any case, we make sure that our agents pay extra attention and do the best job they can - however, we also need to understand that we receive a lot of submissions per day, considering the amount of projects that are completed every day in our platform.

    This is why it may take more time than usual, at times, for our agents to review all submissions in time.

    We have agents working all around the clock, and Pros all around the world - so we are constantly being careful with quality of our Pro's work.

    We kindly ask that you bear with us, since this is one of the busiest times of year in regards to amount of projects we receive!

    Let us know if you have any more comments in this regard, we're always ready to hear it.

    Best regards,

    Gabriela Schneider

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  • Mac Daniels #367608585439

    I undestand that to a point, but the project I refrenced is now 2 days since submitted and a manager has yet to review it. I did 4 speedies just today and all were immediatley reviewed and approved by a manager. Shouldn't the other from two days ago be higher in the queue of projects needing reviewed? I would think that the client from 2 days ago would not be happy if they are relying on the speedy as advertised. 

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