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Payment Withdrawal: Wise vs Revolut, Wire Transfer Question

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  • Gabriela Schneider #1534751531821

    Greetings, Liv!
    How do you do?

    We profusely apologize for taking a while to get back to you on your question. We're getting back on track!

    I see that you were able to withdraw your funds via Wire!

    In regards to this: Wire, Wise and Revolut are all considered bank accounts! Payoneer is a service very similar to PayPal, which we do recommend for those who are not familiar with bankwire, since it's easier to set up.

    However, any taxes/fees that may apply are on the end whichever services you chose, since we always wire you the full amount that is in your wallet. There may be conversion fees and/or service fee, depending on your bank/payment service.

    If you have any questions pertaining your current Payout Method, please let us know by sending an email to !

    We'll do out best to help you. =)

    Best regards,

    Gabriela Schneider

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