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what if you're an australian voice bunny and on a different time zone?

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi Sharon,

    I'm Juan Mendoza, Head of QC. 

    Thank you for your inquiry. At the moment, VoiceBunny's QC team has an average 20/7 coverage during the week with an average first-time response close to 60 minutes. Therefore, independently of the time-zone you are in, your deliverables will be reviewed in a timely manner that won't have any impact on your stats.

    I hope I've solved your doubt.


    Kind regards,




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  • Juan Cardona #776109467

    Hi Sharon

    I am Juan Cardona, Senior Sales Agent at Bunny Inc.

    From my side, I'd like to let you know that first-time clients are notified when selecting a voice actor in a different time zone letting them know that the project might take a few more hours than usual due to this. There are times when the Sales team might have to contact a voice actor who lives in a different time zone but we make those calls or send the emails at a moment when we know we might reach them. In other cases, we send them an email and understand if the reply might take a bit longer. 

    We also make an effort to letting the clients know that the turnaround time that they see on the website is the maximum time that a voice actor can take to deliver a project. This turnaround time also keeps time zone differences into account. 

    So rest assured, that from a Sales point of view, voice actors around the world will not be affected by time zone differences, as clients will never be blocked from booking, or creating a contest. 


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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Sharon!

    I understand your struggle and I agree with you that sometimes it may seem unfair for users in a different time zone when it comes to our support. However, and as Juan explained, we do keep this in mind to make things as predictable as possible. From our Talent Management's team perspective, we provide support from 9 am - 6 pm Colombia Time from Monday through Friday. Our team manages support and explanation in regards to how our system works as well as reviewing your stats and providing help and orientation in regards to quality and audio equipment. You can reach us at at any time or you can also publish your concerns here in the Community space which we're constantly checking.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding with our response times and rest assured that we will always strive to get back to you at our earliest convenience. 


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