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Feedback on reg'n demo please?

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi, Sindi!

    It's great you are sharing your work with us. I like the tone of your voice, it has a nice timbre. I can hear the potential! 

    Some improvements: There are loud mouth clicks that distracted me from the performance. I also think the pace could be more calm and natural. Try adding natural cadences to give it a more natural and conversational character. Every sentence must lead subtly to the next one. At parts, it felt like a compilation of individual sentences rather than a fluent speech.

    With practice and study, you'll start to develop your own tone and rhythm.

    Keep up the good work!




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  • Sindi M #701992558

    Thanks for the feedback Juan & the encouraging 'potential'. I've been a professional voiceover for 20yrs, & have been recording high-end campaigns for many years. I actually thought the read may have been too laid back for the US palate - we have a very different style here in the UK ! Definitely some mouth noises, but not too insurmountable to my ear - alas, I'm used to producers doing what they do best - produce!

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Sindi!

    I agree with Juan's comments. The mouth noises are, indeed, to my ears, very distracting. Maybe we say this because we both are audio and music producers so these things are more noticeable to us. 

    I also think that, while the sentences are very well read and your tone is great, there is the lack of cohesion sometimes in regards to the fluidity of the speech. Give it a try to use less conclusive cadences during the paragraph to make the read more conversational. If you don't like how it results, it's fine, but you can try!

    I understand you have 20 years of experience and that the market in the UK can be different. Here in Colombia the voice overs usually sound different from what you'd expect, but I always try to take in techniques from other markets and implement them to improve my recitation. 

    Please don't hesitate to show us if you do try a different tone! :)

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