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Looking for some feedback :) Thank you in advance!

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

     Hi, Ritvars,


    Thank you for sharing your recording with us. After listening, to your recording I can Point out the following issues:

    1) Indeed there is a slight accent that doesn't sound completely native. Have in mind that we look for native speakers because that's in our client's interest. Therefore, the right accent is crucial.

    2) The recording has noticeable hiss in the background. Please revise your gain settings and tweak your system to lower the noise floor.

    3) Although the read sounds natural and conversational, I think some editing could make it sound much neater and professional. There are some pauses that make the read sound hesitant, so you may want to edit the gaps to make sure everything sounds fluent and has a consistent rhythm. 


    I hope this advice helps!

    Kind regards,


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