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Declined for lack of clarity / recording quality?

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi Aaron,


    Thanks for sharing your recording with us!

    In general terms, I agree that the audio sounds filtered, perhaps you added a noise reduction plugin? The color of your voice varies from sentence to sentence, so it gives the impression that they are different sentences edited together, rather than a fluent and complete script. 

    You may also want to add some fade in/out to smooth the transition between sentences. e.g 0:09, 0:11, 0:16, 0:24, 0:27... The voice cuts and it breaks the flow of the speech. 

    Also, I would suggest you try a different mic position. At the moment, the mic is picking up too many mouth noises. Your voice can't be heard clearly because it has a lot of air and mouth noises covering it up.

    There's a loud click at 0:18. 

    Lastly, I would suggest you check the room where you are recording, as it doesn't seem appropriate. In the longest take (starts at 0:17) you can hear the reflections of the room. All that noise and reflections will degrade the quality of your audio, and although you can fix it with some processing, the quality of the audio will be heavily degraded.


    I hope these suggestions help!



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