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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hey, Christine!

    Thanks for sharing your recording with us.

    I don't really find an issue with the background noise, besides a couple of loud mouth clicks. I have a couple of suggestions. 

    Besides that, I have a couple of suggestions. 

    Firstly, there is a sibilance issue. The s's have excessive energy, and they are annoying to the listener. For this, you may try using a de-esser. But I would also suggest you review the mic position and, most importantly, why is an excess of that frequency (4-6 KHz) in your voice. You may be able to correct that problem with some pronunciation exercises.

    Performance wise, the read sounds a little robotic. The intonation and rhythm are pretty much the same throughout the deliverable. I suggest you try a more natural and conversational tone to break away from that monotonous and robotic character. 

    I think you have a terrific voice, so I hope these tips help.




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