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Added music to my application project...what do you think?

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi, John!

    Thanks for sharing your recording with us! It's very cool you've added music to the recording of your VB application! :D

    Maybe the music could be mixed a little lower, so the voice doesn't compete for the attention of the listener. Try adding some EQ to the music to cut off some of the frequencies where both files overlap, so you can bring more clarity to the voice.

    I'm thinking if the music is too upbeat compared to the energy from the voice over. On one hand, the backing track complements well with the voice as it gives more energy and dynamics to the voice-over.  On the other hand, I feel the music's energy may make the voice sound a little dull.

    I think you have a beautiful voice. It'd be nice to hear a take with a more upbeat and energetic read!



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  • Chanandler Bong #1127590044

    Thanks for the feedback!  I'll definitely keep that in mind for future recordings!

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