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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi, Abdelrahman.

    Thank you for sharing your recording with us.

    I think you have a great voice, it has great potential.

    Here are some tips that could help improve the quality of your recording.

    1. Perhaps you are talking way too close to the mic? The intelligibility can be improved. Some parts feel mumbled, and it requires an extra effort from the listener to catch the words you are saying. Try opening more your mouth and emphasise well to make the message clearer. 

    2. Talking further from the mic should also help you decrease the proximity effect, to help you achieve a better frequency balanced recording.

    3. Compress or limit the audio in a more subtle manner. 

    4. For me, it felt weird that you never halted of stopped to breath. The purpose of the recording looks for a natural and conversational voice, and removing all the breaths make it sound robotic and flat. Don't be afraid to pause, breath, change the rhythm and pace of your recording. That will make it sound alive and interesting.

    I hope these help!



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