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  • Sebastian Torres #4601531158

    Hi Mário,

    Thanks for your submission. Unfortunately, the sample is more than 30 seconds long. For spots in TV, radio, and streaming services, time constraints are really strict. 

    Aside from that, it's well balanced, but one of the voices has an echo and the other doesn't.

    Hope that helps!


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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi, Mario. 

    I agree with Sebastian. Adding reverb only to the female voice creates a weird effect. I understand the idea behind it, to create a sense of space. However, for spots, reverb is not the best ally. Adding reverb tends to push things back in the mix. That makes it harder for the voice to stand out and deliver the message. Also, having only one of the voices wet creates a weird environment. Why one voice sounds in a room and the other doesn't?

    You could also EQ the male voice to clean the low end a little bit and help with the clarity.

    Make sure you follow the time instructions closely. Ads need to be very precise with the duration. 


    I hope this helps!



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  • Mario Del Guercio #664817623

    Thanks for your help, but these were my instructions:

    • Please create a 30'- 35' spot (no more, no less) following the instructions you'll find in the script. The final file:
    • Exported at 44.1kHz at 16 bit .wav file.
    • Mastered at -1dB Peak.
    • The mix should be well balanced.
    • Please avoid over compression/limiting

    I did it with 35´ (I´ve considered it as aevaluation job only. Normally my clients specify usage. ) As a radio DJ and sound editor, I´m always concerned with precise durations.

    There are no reverb plugins activated in this project. I´ll recheck to see what happened when remastering it.


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