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Audition Feedback Help

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Richard! 

    So, I was listening to the recording and I did notice that the recording has a bit room echo and a boost in the low frequencies. Kind of like a proximity effect issue.

    You may want to review the space you're recording in, or perhaps the area of the room where you're locating the mic. Maybe you're recording in a very small space and the lower frequencies are remaining for too long. Same could happen with the room echo. Maybe it's not acoustically treated properly for your microphone of voice type which can cause some issues. 

    You could also try to fix the frequency unbalance with EQ and compression if you have experience or knowledge on using this type of processes. If you don't, I wouldn't recommend you try it until you've been able to learn a bit more about how to use them! EQ and compression can be a double-edged sword when not used properly!

    Also, the beginning and end of the file have some clips due to editing. This can be easily fixed with a fade! Same if you try to edit the breaths of the file. Make sure you use fades to make sure the edits are not audible.

    Now, for the application project, you don't need to upload separate files. When there's a request for you to upload different parts, you'll see the slots for that purpose. They'll be labeled as Parts and the script that corresponds to each part will be in a different box. 

    Hope this helped! If you happen to make some adjustments, share the recording here. We'll be glad to listen to it :)

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hello, Richard!

    I agree with Angela. The audio's quality is not the best. There is a noticeable room echo that affects the clarity of your voice. 

    Besides the room echo, the voice sounds filtered, did you apply any processing?

    It'd be great to know what recording equipment you are using.



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  • Richard R. Morrison #1147451664

    Hi Angela and Juan,

    Thanks for getting back to me.  I use a Rode NT1 microphone coupled with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.  I have built a whisper room with sound dampening foam in my home.  I do have an oak desk and the mic is placed above me about 12 inches away pointing downward.  It's possible there is a little echo coming from off the desk maybe.  I will try recording with a towel on the desk to dampen the sound a little more.  I will be replacing my scarlett as it has been acting weird lately.  The only processing I did was to remove the noise floor from -38 to -60db using NS1 Noise Suppressor removing very little noise.  No other processing used.

    Iwill be purchasing a new Scarlett tonight and trying out some more recording later.

    Thanks for your help,


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