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Eliminating Hiss

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi, Dimitri!

    Thank you for sharing your application. 
    In terms of quality, the recording is ok. There are some loud mouth clicks, undesired mouth noises and breaths throughout the read. Editing the noises out will give the VO a more professional aesthetic. 0:00, 0:07, 0:13, 0:14...

    The volume seems to be a little low, raising it up to -3dbFS Peak could also bring the noise floor up, so we'd have to see what happens with that. 

    In terms of performance, I feel the script sounds like a cold read. You could try a few tries before recording to get familiar with the script, the pauses, etc. Pay close attention to what words you accentuate, where you stop for air, etc. Being conscious about all those factors will help you achieve a natural and conversational read.


    I hope these tips help, Dimitri!

    Kind regards,



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  • Dimitri Aivaliotis #1203811550

    Hi Juan,


    Thank you for your feedback.  I'll incorporate it into any future recordings.  I understood, though, that the recordings were supposed to be unedited.  If I can edit, I'm happy to eliminate the mouth noises and breaths.


    I did have the volume set low to eliminate noise.  I'll have to find a good balance to eliminate hiss while still being loud enough.


    Thanks again,

    - Dimitri


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