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  • John B Laing #1205046630

    Listened to the first two and put the first one into Audition to have a look. You should try normalizing to -3dB which is standard. Your voice is clear, but a bit "musical" in the first one and a bit "readerly" overall. This is also my problem. You sound like you are reading a script rather than talking to a real person. I am also hearing popping on your "p" sounds. That can be fixed in Audition or by changing your technique, or by using a pop shield. Hope this is helpful for you. I have a great deal of trouble getting out of a "reading" mode without the help of a coach, but I have a lot less experience than you.

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Keith! Thanks for sharing your recordings.

    The recordings have a lot of room echo and ambience noise. The microphone sounds to be of a good quality so, I'm sure this is a matter of recording in an acoustically treated space. You can try our tips on basic acoustic treatment. We added several ways in which you can reduce acoustic problems without needing to spend a lot of money on acoustic treatment. 

    There are also some editing issues there. The cuts are a bit too harsh so you may want to leave more space before cutting the take and making the fade outs a tad longer. 

    About your performance, I agree with John. It sounds unnatural or, like our clients call it, robotic. Try reading the scripts in a more conversational and natural way. Think of it as if you were talking to a real person and not just to a microphone. What helps me the most, is to read the script several times in different ways and record the one I feel that conveys the message more naturally for me. If you want, you can also record all the rehearsals and, then, edit the parts to come up with the most stable recording. This will also allow you to listen to the different things you do that you like and recreate them in future recordings. It really helps me!

    Hope this helps you, too :)

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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hello, Keith!


    I agree with the comments above. 

    I highlight the room echo in your recordings. The space where you are recording is too big and live. Unless you've added a reverb? 

    I understand why the serious and flat tone, given the fact that it's for a PPT presentation. However, it could be too flat and it's starts to sound robotic. That's one of the most popular reasons why our clients reject the work. 

    You can try to play with the rhythm, tone and intonation to make the deliverable more dynamic and engaging, without loosing the seriousness required.


    I hope this helps!




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