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  • Angela Serrano #830202147
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    Hi Lorne! Thank you for joining VoiceBunny! Welcome to our database :)

    Let me explain a little bit more about how we work:

    VoiceBunny uses an algorithm that takes into account many different stats related to a Bunny Pro's history to send invitations. As such, our system will compare your stats and standing with our other Pros and it's quite normal that, you see few of them at first. It's normal to see little invitations when you're just getting started. 

    Keep in mind that we assign you our average Pro stats to boost your profile. However, other Pros that have been with us for longer, will still have a little bit of advantage at the beginning. Once you've completed 5 projects, we'll start using your personal stats to send out invites. 

    We created a guide with 4 Tips on Getting Started with VoiceBunny. Give it a read! You may find insights that can help you make any necessary changes to start getting more invites.

    Now, you could also consider lowering your rates until you've create stats of your own. Usually, most of our regular Bunny Pros have started with low rates to make sure they can start building a good reputation within the system. For Speedies and contests, the reward amounts are different for each Bunny Pro to match the rates as much as possible. This is 100% optional, so don't take it as given that you need to do this to get projects. 

    Keep in mind that the vast majority of our projects are bookings (around 90%) so it's key to have a lot of high-quality samples. To give you an idea, our average active Pros have around 50 and our seasoned Pros have over 300! We even have users that have been with us for such a long time, they have accumulated over 700!

    The Bunny System requires a lot of patience and fast response to start picking up. At first, it's normal for it to be slow but it may pick up if you deliver high quality and take projects fast! Don't get discouraged by the slow start! It's not easy to build 50 samples, let alone 300. It's a matter of being on top of your email and/or the website and update your profile consistently.

    I hope all this info helps you! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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