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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Maggi!

    Please upload the file to a Google Drive, Dropbox or other hosting website and share the link with us. Make sure you give general access to the file so we can have access and listen to it.

    You can, then, share the link in a comment here.

    Thank you!

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  • John B Laing #1205046630

    Like the overall read. Good energy. Got some pops and a bit of noise. Do you have a pop screen? 


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  • Juan Santiago Mendoza #1067143947

    Hi, Maggi!

    I agree with John, the noise-floor is loud. This could be due to the equipment that you are using. How is your studio set-up?

    I'd be great if you share more details about the equipment you are using to have a better understanding of the situation.


    Also, there is clipping on some parts of your deliverable. You can hear them clearly at: 00:10, 0:13. I believe you may be pushing the compressor and limiter too much. This could be the reason for the loud noise-floor.

    Let me know what you think!




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