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Why are the auditions filled within seconds?

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Andrew!

    First and foremost, welcome to VoiceBunny. Happy to have you :)

    Now, let me explain to you a bit of how the invitations work. Our system starts inviting the best matches (users with the best rates + stats combo) and goes its way from there. More likely, other Pros are getting invited to participate in this contests and speedy projects before you are so when you get the invite, there are other Pros who are right on the verge of accepting the project. Also, keep in mind we send the invitations in batches, so many Pros get invited at the same time so, basically, the one who accepts it first gets the slot.

    To maximize the chances of being able to accept the project, I suggest you have your dashboard open at all times in your computer when you're available to record. You can also activate the notifications and the system will make a sound once a project is available. This is always faster than waiting for the email invitations so I invite you to try that and see if it works. You can pin it in your browser so it's not a huge tab and you can do other things in the meantime :)


    We have an article we compiled with some of our main tips on getting started with us. You may want to take a look at it. You may find some things you haven't tried yet to get invitations before other Pros: 

    Last but not least, the Bunny Engine requires a lot of patience and fast response to start picking up so at first, it's normal for it to be slow. Don't get discouraged by that! Keep in mind It's not easy to build a good database of samples. Right now you have only 2 while many of our successful Pros have accumulated around 300. 

    I hope all this info helps you! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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