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I'm not receiving project invitations.

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Orsola! I replied to you via email yesterday, but let me leave you my answer here so we can continue the conversation via this thread!

    VoiceBunny is very competitive. I reviewed your stats, and I saw that there may be other Bunny Pros that the algorithms consider to be "better." You are compared to other Bunny Pros in your language, age, and gender group so you haven't been invited to contests or speedies lately because there are Bunny Pros in your demographic with better stats (faster response times, lower rejection rates, fewer revision requests, etc.) and/or lower rates who are invited to projects before you.

    Our system works in the following way:

    • The system starts sending out more and more invites the longer a project goes unfulfilled until it reaches the deadline set by our client. If we reject a lot of submissions, you may eventually be invited.

    • Since speed response is a comparative stat (like all others), if other Bunny Pros in your demographic slow down, you may be invited.

    Now, you could consider lowering your rates until you've improved your stats. Usually, most of our regular Bunny Pros have started with low rates to make sure they can start building a good reputation within the system. Once that has happened, you will be able to gradually increase your rates. For Speedies and contests, note that the reward amounts are different for each Bunny Pro and calculated automatically based on stats, history and your rates among other factors. Also, keep in mind that the reward amount will increase the longer a project remains unfulfilled.

    The good news is that the vast majority of our projects are bookings (around 90%). We've seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of speedy and contests as more and more of our clients prefer to use our Search, listen to samples, and pick a voice themselves. Be sure your profile has lots of high-quality samples and in categories where you don't see many samples so that you have a better chance of matching our clients' search parameters.

    I hope all this info helps you! Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,

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