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Is it true samples can be posted from completed jobs?

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147

    Hi Jannelle

    Thank you for asking this. It's a great question about a sensitive topic so I appreciate you coming through about it.

    Only the projects where our clients have provided permission to be converted into a sample can be uploaded to your profile. This happens because we have a very sensitive privacy policy with our clients where we won't allow the sharing of recordings that come from private projects. Some of our clients have very special projects where they require total secrecy (sometimes we even sign NDAs around them!) where creating a sample out of the script and be a complete breach of their project. 

    For this reason, we give our clients the option to define whether the project can be converted into a sample, or not. If the clients you've voiced have preferred to keep their projects completely private, we would appreciate if you can refrain from using these files as samples. 

    What you could do, if you want, is to use some sample scripts you can find online or even create your own to make your own samples. You can use the projects you have completed as inspiration to create similar scripts you can voice with your own intention and performance!

    Makes sense?

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