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Rejected since October for reverbation/room echo

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  • Hiroshi #371709074639

    Hello Daphne!

    Thank you for reaching out to the community!

    I just gave your revised recording a listen and I noticed a couple of issues. Here are some of the issues I noticed: Room echo, Hiss, Background noise, Click noise at the end. It also kind of sounds like it was recorded with unprofessional equipment. Using professional headphones will help you hear your audio's issues better. Also, it would really help us assess the issue better if you can give a screenshot of your booth and recording equipment. :)

    Regarding your past approved work, Quality Control has been lenient with the quality of Teenage submissions in the past since there weren't many pros in this category. However, since we're always aiming to provide professional quality recordings to clients, our quality control process becomes stricter and more particular as our pool of voice pros grows.




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