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I have been asked by Gabriella to post a sample of my work.

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  • Samantha #376438863679

    Hi Daisy, 

    Thank you for reaching out. It's always lovely to hear your voice throughout the platform when submitting for projects! 

    Your recording sounds great, however we are constantly always trying to improve things on our platform and give our clients the best quality for their work. 
    In recent months, we have been reviewing all pros and samples on our platform and are aiming to help pros whenever we see some improvement could be implemented. 

    During one of our QC meetings we reviewed some of your submissions for clients and could hear that there is some slight over-processing heard in your recordings. Along with some breath noises. 

    The over-processing can be heard on the tail end of words and sentences as there is a slight hiss heard. To fix this we would recommend dialling back your processing/corrective EQing methods just slightly. 
    As for the breaths mentioned, there was only one heard in the recording above at 0:05. But editing these out would suffice.

    Hope you have a great week, and thank you for your continued hard work throughout our platform. 

    Kind regards, 





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