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  • Samantha #376438863679

    Hi Kira, 

    Thank you for reaching out to us on here. 

    Fantastic read in each audio! And it's always lovely to hear people being so proactive in their work too, so thank you for making the already implemented changes. :) 

    I had a listen to your audio files, and they all have room echo in them. Along with background noise, which sounds like traffic. 
    There is also white noise being picked up. 
    We would suggest adding more acoustic treatment to your recording space, making sure to cover any hard surfaces as this can reflect frequencies. So this would include, table tops, mic stands, adding a rug, etc. 
    As for the white noise, it's best to find the root cause for what is making that noise, such as electrical appliances close by, a loud computer fan, the pre-amp dialed too high, etc.  

    Here are some useful articles which we have on our community page which will help you to identify and tackle these problems:

    - For room echo: 

    - For white noise: 

    Another helpful video, which will help with adding acoustic treatment (or giving you inspiration) to your recording space for quickness is this: 

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

    Kind regards, 

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