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It took you "X" hours to complete this revision... that came in at 1am.

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  • Sam Salman #867544238

    Hi all. Another voice actor here, I'm supporting Jack's post and adding to it.

    I get most of my revisions in the dead of night and can only really get to them much later the next day. 9 out of 10 times it's because the client doesn't understand how the platform works or the VB bot has botched something or due to time zone differences Thankfully, I've noticed that even with the delay, VB doesn't seem to include this data into your response rate. But it does capture the lapsed time in your accepted projects tab - which is still unsettling. And, the perpetual reminders of "the client is waiting for your work" is also unsettling. 

    VB, is there a way the site can give you the option to either:
    1.) "check in" to say you've seen the revision but can get to it later? A simple checkbox would be great.
    2.)  Set appropriate "away" hours like other sites. Or at least say "this pro is offline until X time tomorrow." 

    On the topic of clients we would like to avoid, there has to be better screening in place. In my experience, I suspect "client 50850" is a collective of people. Sometimes a person loves and approves the work, and other times they feel your work is inaccurate - even though you're doing exactly what they've asked. Leading to unfair rejections, low ratings, damages to stats etc [insert choice of wrist slap here]. Yet, the same person pops up again and again which we can't avoid. Providing some immunity from "off" clients would be great for us too.

    I think these are some small, courteous changes the site can make to improve the optics and wellbeing of its actors.

    Jack, I hope you get a good resolution to this!
    Much love

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  • Johnatan Sanchez #362611690500

    Hi peeps!!! Thank you very much for voicing your concerns and thoughts with us. 

    Regarding projects and revisions sent in the middle of the night, we completely understand that you guys need to sleep, as we all do, so don't worry about those affecting your stats. Just make sure to write to us at helping us understand the case and we'll evaluate if we can remove that from your stats. 

    About timezones, that's a MAJOR topic we've been discussing with the team lately. They are figuring out the best way to develop a tool that will help us differentiate this. We believe they'll come up with a solution and these cases will be a thing of the past. 

    That being said, if these projects are affecting your stats, don't hesitate to write to us and we'll make sure this doesn't affect you.

    Finally, about rejecting projects from a specific client, that's something that is not possible just yet. We'll mention it to the team to see if there's a chance to develop something like that for the future. But right now, we'll appreciate if you can help us with those projects as well.


    Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with

    All the best 🙌🏻

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