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Speedy projects as reference for my profil

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  • Dunia Piña #375903570740

    Hi Pascal,


    Thank you so much for reaching out here!

    The usual process to add projects to your profile is handled automatically by our system, and it depends fully on the client, who can mark an option at the end of the project (when it is approved) to allow the Pro to share a sample or not.

    If they allow it, you will receive an automatic email sharing with you the sample link, so if you received any of those emails feel free to share those samples that should be already in your account!


    On the other hand, if a project was approved but you didn't receive that email and it didn't generate an automatic sample in your profile, we kindly request you to refrain from uploading any project samples since the client may prefer the project to not be publicly shared.


    Let us know if you have any other questions!


    Kind regards, 





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