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Feedback de áudio

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  • Gabriela Schneider #1534751531821

    Olá, Jessé!
    Tudo certo?

    Sou a Gabriela, uma Pro Manager aqui na Bunny Studio! =)

    Ficamos muito felizes de termos mais um talento brasileiro interessado em trabalhar conosco!

    Vi que você criou outro post com mais um sample para receber feedback:

    Neste caso, vou fechar o seu outro post, e incluir este link aqui no seu post.
    Assim, um agente de QC irá te responder aqui nesta página, assim que possível, e irá te dar o feedback para os seus três samples!

    Ah, só um adendo: o seu suporte com o nosso Controle de Qualidade será em inglês, ok? Já que nossos agentes se comunicam apenas em inglês aqui na Comunidade.
    Mas fique tranquilo, a conversa com eles é bem tranquila, e se precisar de algum apoio, basta pedir e eu posso dar uma olhadinha aqui!

    Fique atento aos seus emails, assim saberá quando um agente responder aqui sobre seus samples!

    Obrigada pela sua mensagem aqui, conte conosco!


    Gabriela Schneider

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  • Radialista Jessé Vilar- Brazilian Voice Over #14231177043475
    Thank you very much Gabriela for your helpfulness. I look forward to meeting Feedback. Excellent week!
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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Jessé!

    First of all, let me congratulate you on the notable improvement in the quality of your recordings. They are no longer sounding filtered, and the room echo/boxiness is almost gone. Also, I think that the quality will be enhanced too with the new audio interface purchase, as the quality of the A/D D/A signal conversion, and the preamps, will improve your noise-to-signal ratio and will represent accurately your voice timbre. Additionally, your microphone reference is just fine, it is a good mic for voice-over purposes, just take into account that as it is a condenser microphone, you must feed phantom power (+48V) into it in order to work properly.

     On the other hand, although your boxiness/room echo has improved a lot, there's still some audible room echo that could be fixed with more absorbing acoustic material surrounding your mic, or with a little extra help from a De-verb plugin or processor, this should do the trick for achieving the top-notch quality your aiming for. Next, I'll post here some tutorials that could show you how to remove room echo with Adobe-Audition native de-verb plugin:




    Last but not least, I hope this advice could help you to get closer to the quality we look for as QC from Bunny Studio. If there's another question, doubt, or comment, just leave it here and we'll reply as soon as we can. Thank you again for reaching us through our community.

    Best regards, 

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  • Radialista Jessé Vilar- Brazilian Voice Over #14231177043475
    Hello dear friends of Bunny, especially our friend Julian Cubillos, Thank you for your congratulations and guidance. I ask permission to send two more recorded audios. To record them, I removed the notebook from my recording booth, put two pillows and a cloth to prevent the reflection of the sound coming from the bench. I took the liberty of adding a few more bass frequencies to attenuate hidden reflections. Finally, I am sending them for evaluation and who knows for approval in this wonderful time of great voice artists, thank you for your attention

    Here are the drive links:


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