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Feedback on Rejected Samples for Porofile

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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Jinny! 

    This is Julian from the Voice Bunny QC team. First of all, I'm glad you reach us through our community for the sake of clarity asking another agent's opinion, we're happy to help every pro with its quality related issues.

    Next I'll describe each of the issues i found by listening all of your 12 samples:

    1. Alzheimer's Patient Letter: No issues found, I'd have accepted it.

    2. Bello Bodyfitness: Music is overpowering the Voice-over. Also there are noticeable plosives.

    3. Citracal: No issues found, I'd have accepted it.

    4. CognitiveDecline: There's noticeable Boxiness.

    5. Emergen-C: The music is overpowering the Voice-over.

    6. Haagen-Dazs: The music is overpowering the Voice-over.

    7. HopeCommunity: The music is overpowering the Voice-over.

    8. Intu Tech Seating: There are noticeable mouth-clicks. Also, there's boxiness.

    9. L'Oreal: No issues found, I'd accepted it.

    10. Northface: No issues found, I'd accepted it.

    11. RoyalCarribbean: No issues found, I'd accepted it.

    12. Sebastian Kite: No issues found, I'd accepted it.

    As you can see, Half of your samples are acceptable, but most of the non-accepted were related with music overpowering your voice, and there's some noticeable boxiness in some of your non music background samples. I think you have an amazing tone impersonation, so I'm going to present these samples in tomorrow's QC-weekly meeting to further discuss your case in order to get a proper input from my other colleagues. 

    On the other hand, please feel free to reach me to this same thread if you have any doubts or questions related to this topic, I'll be glad to help you with anything you need.

    Kind regards,   

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  • Jinny Martin #8487255787

    Thank you so very much Julian,

    Critique is so important in order to learn.  I'm interested in the 2 files noted 'boxiness', because that was recorded in a small octangular room at my local engineer's studio, I thought when I listened that there was something there - but my ears haven't yet learnt to 'hear' properly!! Plus the mouth clicks, yes - I heard them but was unsure about removing them - manually - without corrupting the file. I've looked through it again and it's a bit embarrassing - truly I would never ever send a file to a customer like that and I shouldn't have added it as a sample. Apologies!  I know I had allergies at that time of recording. This has changed my opinion on recording at that studio which is what I was doing in those instances as they were 'live directs'.  I think I'm better off in my own studio!

    As for the overpowering music, is there any way to remove music from a file?  Those files were all produced for my demo reels.  I use Twisted Wave for recording but I do have Cubase as well. Would it be possible in Cubase? 

    After your meeting, is it possible to approve those files that you approved?

    Also did you see where I asked if it may be possible to put a 'Check-list' (as a dropdown box of the usual issues, which could be ticked off by the Reviewer)  at each sample, so we would know the issue and hopefully be able to correct it for re-submission.

    Thank you for the tone compliment! I'l look forward to hearing any more feedback.

    Very best regards

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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Jinny! Glad to hear from you again

    We have just come to a consensus as a team. Most of my colleagues agreed that your recordings still have some issues that need to be addressed. The main issues are the following:

    1. Boxiness.

    2. Mouthclicks

    3. Heavy compression.

    Here are the possible solutions for each of the issues identified:

    1. Boxiness: 

    Please ensure you record in an acoustically treated environment. If you already have acoustic treatment, it may not be adequate.

    You'll find tips on acoustic treatment on our community page:

    2. Mouthclicks

    There are undesirable mouth noises in your recording that distract from the quality of the performance. You'll find tips on how to control mouth noise issues:

    Another video that treats the issue:

    3. Heavy compression

    Please do not put any dynamic processing in post-production like compressors or limiters, Instead, please raise the volume via automation or normalization to -3dBFS peak.

    On the other hand, talking about the music over-powering your voice samples, it could be fixable if you have the voice-over recording and the background music separated in channels. You told me that you have the Cubase sessions, so I suppose you can lower the volume of the track that contains the music and export the mix of your voice and music again. If that's not the case, it would be hard to separate your voice from the music if it's a merged audio of yourself and the music.

    Please try to resubmit your audio samples, or record new ones by following the previous recommendations, I'm sure you will get the top-notch quality we're aiming for by applying that advice.

    Feel free to reach us again on this same thread if you want further feedback or input before re-uploading your samples again, I'll be happy to help you with any doubts or questions.

    Kind regards,

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