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Does anyone know how to get Yahoo mail to stop sending Bunny Studio emails to spam?!!

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  • Gabriela Schneider #1534751531821

    Hey there, Lotty!
    Thanks for reaching out in our community.

    We are sorry to hear that this has been happening as of late.

    I believe that you have already tried the most common ways to set our recipients as Not Spam, in this case I believe that the best course of action is contacting Yahoo support so they can check if there are any additional settings or if they can do this manually for you.

    In case we can help with anything in regards to this, please let us know via email, so we can provide you with any information you need! You can contact us directly on .

    We hope this gets resolved soon so you are able to fetch more projects!

    Kindest regards,

    Gabriela Schneider

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