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Just to make sure I have it right...

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  • Cat Lookabaugh #805592233
      Official comment

    Hi, I'm a fellow talent, not a VB rep, but I say you should absolutely edit and master your samples, just like you would for a client. At least, that's what I do, and I've started getting likes on my samples and bookings. Basically you're representing your best work. I edit out, or lower, breaths, snaps, mouth noise etc, and tweak the pacing as appropriate in my editing. I normalize to -3db and do a smidge of equalization and compression to enhance the audio - which is exactly the effect stack and process I apply to my VB projects.

    Most recordings that clients seem to want do not include music beds or sound effects, so mostly do voice-only samples. However, why not throw in some fun samples with music or a bar-chatter background on a few samples? We do this 'cause we enjoy it...and effects can really enhance the product! So have fun. A far as I know, there is no limit to the number of samples you can have.

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  • Leigh Angelis #5545050458

    But when you upload samples, it says they need to have no effects or compression.

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