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So THAT was the problem...

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  • Tara Tyler #226723843
      Official comment

    yes! Sorry about that. If you haven't submitted anything new in over 30 days (a sample or a read), the system will automatically generate an email with the subject line: ACTION REQUIRED: Do you still want VoiceBunny projects? (Reminder: {Month, Year}). If you ignore it, the system will set you as inactive.

    Why do we do this? We have many people who sign up, get a booking, then completely ignore it. This causes clients to never trust VoiceBunny again. So, responding to this email is an automated way to let us know you are still interested in getting voice over work with us and you will be responsive when a client books your voice.

    The text of the email says:

    Hi {FirstName},
    My bunny ears haven't heard a new voice sample or read in a while on your account {your email address}. We'd like to make sure you are still actively pursuing voice over work and still want projects from VoiceBunny. In the meantime, we won't be sending any more projects your way. Your voice actor profile, if active, will continue to work as usual.

    Click here to confirm you still want projects from VoiceBunny

    Mr. Bunny

    Once you click that link, you're account will be active for 30 more days. Sorry for the trouble!

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  • Shavon Walker #702831488

    Thanks for the answer! But now I have another question. My account went inactive again on 2/27 (My own fault...I lost my voice for 2 weeks, then couldn't record anything for another two). I got the email and clicked the link--but nothing has shown up in my dashboard, not even projects that are unavailable. What's going on now? Do I have to wait for a March email?

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  • Permanently deleted user #661713713

    Hi Shavon,

    I'll be glad to help you. You've gotten several rejections and expire projects in the last 2 months. This have negatively affected your stats. As the invitations you get and the "current unavailable..." section depend on your stats, they were affected for the change in your stats.

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