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About recording all a text for a client for 18$ ... before being "maybe" chosen (?)

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  • Rob White #784340677

    Hey there, not a voicebunny employee just another voice artist chiming in here.

    I think you're misunderstanding how the system works. For "Auditions" you should NOT be recording the entire script, just the small snippet at the top. You get paid an "audition fee" just for recording the small snippet, and then if the client asks you to read the full project you get paid the full fee.

    If you got selected for a "Speedy" or "Booking", you do have to read the entire text and then you get paid regardless of whether the client uses it or not (assuming it doesn't not get internally rejected by voicebunny for quality issues).

    From your question I'm assuming you accepted a speedy that paid $18 for the entire text to be read. You'll find jobs range in price from very low pay to very decent pay. You should review your asking rates and set them to a level that you're comfortable with and feel is a fair reward for your time/work. The down side is, if you set your fees too high you'll be offered fewer speedies/auditions (they get sent out to the people with the lowest rates first). It really is a balancing act, but in my opinion it's best to set your rates at the level you feel you're worth and accept fewer jobs. It's important not to undervalue yourself!

    Of course this all depends on what type of voice overs you do. For example, I don't do characters, just natural 30 something north american male english which is a HIGHLY competitive category. If I did character voices, or had a rarer accent, I could bump up my asking rate accordingly.

    It really is a balancing act! You can adjust your rates quickly and easily so my advice would be to experiment with it. Try to find that sweet spot for your category where you're getting enough bookings, but also getting paid enough per booking to make it worthwhile.

    Good luck!

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  • Véronique JANSSENS #335909048

    Thank you for your reply. You're right I had misunderstood ! Thank you to have clarifyied all this for me. Have a nice day ! Veronique

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