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Why don't I see projects on my dashboard?

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  • Tara Tyler #226723843
      Official comment

    The first thing to remember is that VoiceBunny is not a traditional voice over marketplace. We are a voice over fulfillment service, meaning we deliver high-quality, ready-to-use audio to clients in a fast and easy way. To do this, we put a lot of emphasis on a voice actor's stats to help us determine who is the best voice actor for each project. Voice actors with high approval rates, fast response time and lower rates receive invitations first. As time passes and projects remains open, VoiceBunny will allow more voice actors to accept.

    Check your stats page: If you have some rejections or your response time is high, here are ways to improve your stats:

    1. Lower your rates while you improve and also, set your preference to show you projects that pay at least 60% of your requested rate. You can set this option by clicking the link on your dashboard that says "rates and preferences": You will automatically earn higher rewards as your stats improve. You will then be able to raise your rates later.

    2. Upload more high quality samples to your profile. We suggest uploading at least 3 samples per category as clients often like to filter results according to the type of project they want to post. Make sure these samples are recorded in your home studio! Clients will expect you to deliver the same audio quality as showcased in your samples.

    3. Respond to bookings and revision requests right away. Even if you cannot work on them right that moment, accept or reject it right away to let us know you got the request. You will still have some time to work on it.

    4. Share your voice actor profile page. Jobs completed by clients booking you through your profile will affect your stats positively (if the client approves your work). Here's more info about your voice actor profile and how it works:

    As stats improve, the more projects you will be invited to, the higher reward we will offer you, and the higher your samples will appear in the Search n' Book feature.

    If you upload poor quality audio samples or get your reads rejected by our QA Team for poor quality, you must make improvements to your home studio before you will be allowed to get any work from VoiceBunny.

    If you do not have a professional home studio, you cannot work for VoiceBunny. If you need help setting up your studio or troubleshooting audio problems, I recommend this YouTube channel from Dan Lenard:

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  • Tara Tyler #226723843

    Hi Mark,

    I checked out your stats and I'm seeing this:

    You have had 8 of your submitted reads rejected by Mr. Bunny.

    You have had 5 projects expire before you were able to submit a read.

    This is probably why other voice actors are being invited to projects before you. I suggest adding more samples to your VoiceBunny profile to get more bookings via the search.

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