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Rejection as doesn't sound like an Apple Advert

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  • Tara Tyler #226723843
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    I know the rejections are frustrating, but we can only send reads that we are certain the client will not reject, otherwise, we end up losing money on the project. If you'd like to post the read in question here, I'd be happy to give it a listen and provide my feedback.

    I answered the "Apple" ad question in another thread. Here is my response:

    When a client asks for something that sounds like an "Apple" ad, it's not a reference to one particular ad, but the tone. Apple ads are very laid back, casual. The voice is very relaxed, no hint of sounding strained or "announcery." Usually, the voice is hip and cool sounding, but inspirational and awe-inspiring. It's extremely difficult to nail this kind of read (I'm not great at them myself) because it can still come off as fake and pretentious.
    Here's an apple ad voiced by a female:
    Here's the one I think of:
    It doesn't sound like a voice actor at all. It's genuine. THAT's what the client wants.

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