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I do understand why my read was rejected...

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  • Tara Tyler #226723843
      Official comment

    Hey Stephen!

    Thanks for the message. Soundproofing your space is tricky and just as important as having a great microphone. I highly recommend Auralex products as the sound diffusion is excellent for VO studios. Something like this could work for you:

    Also, be sure to check out Dan Lenard's YouTube channel for great advice: He also does a weekly online webcast dedicated to home voice over studios! He's funny and really knowledgable about audio engineering. Hope this info helps and when you've got all the issues worked out, just shoot me an email with some new audio and we'll get you going! Thanks again. :)

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  • Tom Purcell #695884263

    Hi Stephen,
    I don't have any soundproofing at all and in fact my 'studio' can get noisy from outside stuff (wind etc) so don't stress!
    I'd first of all invest in a good microphone - I have an AKG Perception 220.
    Then a pre-amp (ART are good) and finally, make use of Audacity and get to learn the ins and outs of the software.
    I have a limited market (English mature) but still get enough opportunities to make it worthwhile.
    The guys at Voice Bunny are very helpful indeed, on top of all the online resources that are available on this site.
    Good luck with your endeavours..

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  • Cat Lookabaugh #805592233

    Another option, Stephen, is to take advantage of George Whittam over at Edge Studio. For a price, he will take a sample of your recording in your studio and provide you the best possible effect stack for your recording software (audacity, audition, protools, and others) to make the most of the space and equipment that you have. This is truly money well spent! No, I don't get a kickback, but this tool has worked for me, stepping up the quality of my final deliverables. He very carefully explains what effects he picks and the settings he chooses, and includes tips on how to tweak them if needed. Best wishes!

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