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No jobs in my dashboard

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  • Mark Hunter #390133581

    Hey Dalicia, fellow voice actor on the Bunny here. I'm sure one of the official folk will chime in soon. Probably a mix of reasons, here goes: If your rates are too high, it keeps jobs from rising to the level of your being able to see them. Try adjusting them way down to see if that helps. The total number of jobs on the site seem to be fewer than on the 2 major P2P sites. And the third is that there are generally fewer jobs for females to start with.
    Do try the rare reduction first though. Think more along the lines of Elance advertised levels than Voice123 rates.
    Best of luck out there, bust a lip!

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  • Tony Reeves #629620593

    Well, I've had no jobs in my dashboard for over a year.  And I have 35 demos up there, my rates are similar to many other VO's on here, and I would modestly say I know I am better than many of the 'beginners' who get jobs because I regularily get work from other sites.

    And do you really want to offer Elance rates??!

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  • Dalicia Lafleur #2948831547

    Well, my rates are about as low as they can go, lower in fact than what I even charge on Upwork, where I am top rated and book regular jobs weekly. I have done a few contests, when I can get to them fast enough, they often show up in the middle of the night, or at 5am or something like that and are already closed by the time I see the email. Totalling $13 in auditions, over a two month period. That's pathetic.

    It seems to me that most of these sites that are geared specifically to voice overs promise big results and deliver the least amount of anyone. At least this one is free. If they were charging a membership fee I certainly wouldn't be on here at all. It's mostly been a waste of my time, especially reexporting all my demos to their bizarre specifications of only mono wav files at 16bit 44k, because they don't allow for mp3s.

    Plus, the way they organize their search results pretty much allows for only those who already have booked jobs to show up first, so they continue to get more jobs. 

    An overrall disappointing experience and my expectations of ever getting booked is very low.


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  • Pat Hunt #671983953

    Couldn't agree more.  I've dropped my rates down to what I think is a ridiculous number for the amount of time it takes to work a project and I'm STILL not getting any projects.

    I received a contest e-mail over the weekend while sitting at the computer.  I literally logged into VB within 60 seconds of receiving the e-mail and it was closed already?  Something doesn't seem right with this system.

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  • John B Laing #1205046630

    Not sure. Hear your pain everyone.

    I was a nice restaurant. 

    The owner gave me a really nice scallop.

    Then I got a job on VB. So I took a taxi home!

    Cost 10 bucks.

    But I was too late.

    But that's ok. I think this system is interesting!

    I will stay tuned for a while.

    Calm. Take deep breaths. It is good for voice actors.

    Best wishes.




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