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Has VB slowed down? Like... way down?

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147
      Official comment


    Sorry for getting here so late! At that point in the year, we did see a decrease in Speedy Projects and Contests. We believe it was because of the holidays but, as Cat mentioned, the Bookings picked up quite a bit. 

    I agree with her suggestions! The more samples you have, the more chances you will have of getting booked. Also, as you already have good rates, I'm confident that this will improve your possibilities of picking up work within the website. 

    If you notice something like this again, feel free to contact us anytime! 

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  • Van Patel Page #980089493

    Hi Katie,

    I too noticed that the contests, speedies and requests have slowed down. I contacted support and they said that it is possible that every now and again, there are weeks that go by without work. I am Middle age, Senior adult and have changed my preferences just to see.

    As you, I don't have any new rejections and kept my stats in good order. Hang in there and keep checking as work will pick up.

    IF any other talent knows any different, please chime in!

    Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm VERY Thankful for the talent to do voicework!!)


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  • Permanently deleted user #711349017

    Agreed.  Definitely slower.  

    I'm using some of the time to polish new samples in a variety of categories.  More samples, more likes, and hopefully more hires.  Go for at least one sample in every genre for your gender/age brackets.  If you've got that, do more and offer variety.  For example in the commercial genre do (1) a hard-sell, (2) a heartfelt concerned pleading read, (3) a casual convo guy/gal next door read, (4) keep on many can you think of?!

    What I hear from the Bunnies, is that they're getting more and more booking work and less contest and speedies.  So build up samples.

    Wait, I shouldn't be saying this...y'all are my competition!!!   LOL

    Seriously, good luck and good skill to you ALL and Happy Holidays!  Here's hoping business picks up SOON :)  -- Cat

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