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Booking: Accept vs. Being able to work on a project.

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  • Angela Serrano #830202147
      Official comment

    Hi Jeff!

    Sorry for getting here so late.

    In regards to that, I do suggest you accept the project only when you're available to record. This is because the time the system gives you after you accept it is the time we calculate you may take to record, edit and upload the files into the system once you're ready to work on it. If you accept it and you start working on it, say, 2 hours later, the timer may run out before you can submit it and, as such, affecting your stats.

    However, please also keep in mind the project's deadline as a whole so you don't miss it :)

    Hope this helped!

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  • JMKVoice #1028094897

    I guess this also can sort of break down to, what stat should I be more concerned with in these type of cases:


    Time to accept.


    Time from acceptance to submission.



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  • Permanently deleted user #711349017

    I hate to accept something when i'm  away from studio, in case blew up in my absence.  Not likely, I grant you, but I prefer to wait,  just in case.  Sometimes, I'll reach out to Mr. Bunny to let him know my time frame for acceptance, so he knows I'm willing, just waiting.  If I'm particularly bold.  I'll accept an hour before returning home.  My two cents!  -- Cat


    PS: Stats are the" one ring to rule them all", so time from acceptance to submission trumps the other, if it's an either-or thing.

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