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When should talent reject a project?

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  • Santiago Jaramillo #302728707

    Hi Joe, this is Santiago Jaramillo, I am part of the Bunny Inc. team. 

    On the one hand, just like you appreciate the Bunny Pro Managers, they appreciate working with you as well =D.

    On the other, you are asking a tricky one! First of all, don't feel a jerk for rejecting the project. The system was designed to allow you to reject projects from time to time. Not ideal for the Project Managers who have to find a new voice that matches client's expectations, but not the end of the world either. 

    When and why you can reject projects? Let me share with you three situations I've seen: 1. When the script goes against your beliefs. 2. When you went on vacation and missed updating your out of office preferences 3. When you have a conflict of interests with the brand on the script. e.g., you signed a non-compete agreement with a similar brand.

    While I'd encourage you to keep project rejections as low as possible, whenever it happens, please explain the situation as clear as possible. That will give the tools to Project Managers to talk to clients and find the best solution. Also, rejecting projects will not affect your stats in any way if you let us know with anticipation.

    I hope this helps. 



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