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Contests And Speedy's Overnight

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  • Santiago Jaramillo #302728707

    Hi Trey, this is Santiago Jaramillo, part of the Bunny Inc. team. 

    Let me share with you two things. On the one hand, here's a thread on time zones. You'll get the latest update on what is happening over there:

    On the other, let me share with you a great webinar on getting started (or re-starting) on VoiceBunny. It was recorded just a few months ago and all tips are up to date!

    I hope this helps. 


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  • Trey Caron #688828966

    Santiago -


    Thank you for your reply. 


    1) I am aware of the thread you suggested, in fact, I may have been the most recent post on that thread. I would like to thank you for sharing what is going on behind the scenes at Bunny Inc. As I mentioned in my post, I have friends and family who are coders and I understand how massive an undertaking it can be to recode a website as large as Voice Bunny. So, thank you for sharing that information with us.

    2) I watched the webinar you shared and being completely honest I did not find it be very helpful. A lot of the information contained in the webinar was rudimentary or cannot be applied to my particular situation. For example, during the Q&A the question was asked how to handle overnight notifications. Katie's suggestion was to set your phone notifications to high and basically wake up and see if it's worth doing. Of course, Angela made it clear this is not something that Voice Bunny does not require nor promotes that its voice talents do this; however she did not offer a secondary solution to the question. In fact, that was not the only time that overnight contests or speedys were brought up. There were a few tidbits of information sprinkled throughout the webinar, but nothing that related to the topic of the webinar.

    I have gone through the other community topics for other tips as well. For now, I will keep working adding more samples from past works and see where that lands me. If you there are any other suggestions or posts that you think would be helpful I'd love to take at them.



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