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Why should I use fades?

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  • Joe Cullen Brown #3168004317

    Great article Johnatan!

    I use all of the fades, but 95% of them are fade-outs and fade-ins. Of the time it takes me to prepare a track for a VB project, about 25% is spent in the recording phase, 70% in editing, and 5% in mastering and submitting files.

    For me, editing is my most critical time. It can make or break a track. How smoothly the performance flows from one section to another - while not everything - is certainly huge in making the track sing... or just lay there, flat.

    Personally, while I am recording, my primary role is that of performer, with director sitting on my shoulder.

    When editing, the role changes to director, with the editor as my assistant to make make the performance everything it can be.

    That's my approach - just one of many pros might try - but seems to work pretty well.

    Best regards for great production,


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  • Johnatan Sanchez #362611690500

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you so much! I hope many pros get to read this, and I don't mean just the article but your comment, your process and insights, I'm sure they could really benefit from your experience. 

    That 'changing-hats' situation you got going on is something very useful, that could bring more perspective to any voice actor and help them step up their game.

    BTW... It's always great to see you around the posts, giving your advice and sharing your experiences, that's what a community is all about, please keep up the good work and the great advice.

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