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Weird Test Assignment

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  • Johnatan Sanchez #362611690500

    Hi J,

    Thank you for joining us here and sharing your files and concerns with us.

    After reading your comments we decided to share them with the team and evaluate them again, very carefully.

    Here are the remarks:

    First link:

    Noise gate to harsh, it’s evident at the beginning
    Sounds monotone
    0:35 asked for whisper, you didn’t follow

    For the second link:

    Artifacts due to processing (maybe a noise reduction or a deverb)


    As you see, your files are not up to our standards, that's why you are being rejected, on top of the reasons you already mentioned.

    If you want, our team would be more than happy to help you with your audio to bring it up to par.

    We hope this makes everything more clear for you.

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