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Work has stopped?

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  • Jason Leikam #1179178370

    That should have read "1099"  not W2


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  • Dunia Piña #375903570740

    Hi Jason,


    Thank you for sharing your case with us.

    I reviewed your stats, and I saw that there may be room to improve on your response time stats and contest stats (And congrats on those Booking stats!).

    Our system works in the following way:

    • The system starts sending out more and more invites the longer a project goes unfulfilled until it reaches the deadline set. If we reject a lot of submissions or users let their slots expire, you may eventually be invited.
    • Since speed response is a comparative stat (like all others), if other Bunny Pros in your demographic slow down, you may be invited.

    Notice that the majority of our projects are Bookings, so it's expected for Speedy and Contest project invitations to be lower. Be sure to keep your profile updated with high-quality samples and in categories where you don't see many. 

    Also, congrats on those projects you did in the last couple of weeks! Let's hope that the year will pick up with more and more projects for everyone!


    I hope all this info helps you! Let me know if you have any further questions.


    Best regards,


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  • Joe Cullen Brown #3168004317

    Hi Jason,

    I had something similar happen, but in January 2019. It was as if someone flipped a switch, and bookings stopped coming. I would blame it on Covid, but that had not yet affected the work market. That's also when the new keyword search function went into effect, so I really wonder whether I selected the wrong keywords for my samples. If one does not correctly guess what keywords clients will search for... how does one get heard? My 2019 bookings dropped by about 80% from 2018.

    They are picking up a bit now, but Covid's effect on business may well be keeping bookings down at this point.

    That's been my experience. Best of luck,

    Joe Brown

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