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Studio Monitors

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  • Dunia Piña #375903570740

    Hello Tracy!


    I've heard good things about the Presonus Eris as well, although I haven't had much experience with them. 

    KRKs have a great reputation too! My personal suggestion is the Yamaha HS series, they are a standard in many recording studios and they are praised for their clean and flat response. If I'm not wrong, you can get a pair of Yamaha HS5 for a similar price to the Rockit G5s, so in that case, it would be a matter of preference between their sound signatures.

    Also, great headphones! I use that same model all the time and they are my go-to for any detailed listening session.


    Kind regards,


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  • Tracy Kingman #1205496770

    That's great Daniel, thanks so much. I really appreciate your feedback and will certainly check out the Yamaha HS5's. Unfortunately I don't have a massive budget to spend thousands, so hopefully these options will give me some bang for my buck!!

    Thanks again,


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