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Project invitations at odd times

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  • Johnatan Sanchez #362611690500

    Hi Steven,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Currently, our system doesn't differentiate between time zones. Our algorithm determines which Bunny Pros are the "best matches" for that particular project when a project is submitted. It begins inviting the best matches first and works its way out, inviting lesser matches until the project is accepted by enough Bunny Pros. These invitations are sent as soon as the project is created and will keep going until it’s completed.

    Here is where stats and rates play a vital role, as the system will find you a "best match" if these are aligned with the project and your age and gender.

    Let me know if this brings some light to this topic. 

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  • Scott Smith #689214783

    I've just become an active member of Bunny Studio and I'm noticing the same thing.  I'm full-time at home in my studio.  But the only time I see any invitations is late evening and overnight.  Makes it difficult to compete.  

    By your explanation, if I'm understanding correctly, NEW PROS with no stats to satisfy the algorithm are left twisting in the wind.  We only get the projects that come up after everybody else has shut down for the day, which means we get the notifications hours later after the algorithm has worked its way through all the "stats qualified" Pros.  Hard to get stats that way.

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  • Vivian #8605466799507

    Same thing here. A new member just missed my first 3 invitations with different name but refer to the same project. I saw the invitations almost 1 A.M in where I am staying! I am wondering what is the purpose of selecting time zone and "Get projects invites based on your timezone" ... 

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