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Rate revision question

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  • Dunia Piña #375903570740

    Hello Astrid,


    Thanks for reaching out!

    That approval requirement happens when the quote for the revision exceeds the client set value. This needs to be addressed by our Project management team, so in those cases, it is always good practice to use the tool on the project to contact the team or to send an email to our support email (, which can definitely help to speed up the approval process.

    These delays can end up reflecting on your stats, but if you share with us the project link or ID we can always help you remove it from your stats :)

    Regarding the client, they can see the status of the project which includes the reward pending to be approved, so rest assured that they will know that it is not due to you taking a long time to record, but that the delay is because the reward needs to be approved.


    Let me know if I can help with anything else!


    Kind regards,


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