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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Samuel!, this is Julian Cubillos from QC department. I'm here to resolve all your doubts.

    First of all, I would like to request a sample of your own work, in order to evaluate the quality of your recordings. Thus, will help us to identify the possible issues that are impacting your recordings, and give them a practical solution. 

    On the other hand, our rejection policies will vary depending on the quality issues presented on the recording. For example, one of the most common issue we usually ask for revision is "room echo", it occurs when the pro doesn't ensure to record in an acoustically treated space.

    Another common issue related with quality in voice overs is when loud background noise (cars, mouse clicks, fans, pages, people) impact the recording and adversely affect the quality of the deliverable. 

    In conclusion, I'would love to help improving your quality process as a Bunny Pro, as soon as you send us a sample of your work, in order to evaluate every aspect of your quality. 

    Thank you again for your work,

    Julian Cubillos (QC team).

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