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Audio quality

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  • Bhumika #371354478520

    Hello team, waiting for your support.

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  • Permanently deleted user #368079831120

    Hello Bhumika! How are you??


    Thanks a lot for reaching out! :) We are sorry for the late response on this post, but I'm glad I'm able to assist you with your quality issues.


    I was listening to your samples and there are indeed some issues that are affecting the quality of your recordings.


    On the first sample you shared, it is really noticeable the amount of background noise and room echo that is affecting the quality of the audio. The best way to manage this situation appropriately is by recording at an acoustically treated environment. May I ask you if the space where you are recording is treated in any way?? If you want, you can share some pictures of your recording space so we can give you detailed advice on how to manage this situation accordingly. 


    On the sample for reference of the previous application, the background noise isn't there but the quality is being affected by the processes you are using to change your audio. It sounds as if you were cutting a lot of frequencies from your audio, and it still sounds with a lot of room echo.


    I think the best thing to do here is to really try to improve your recording space and environment so the issues are tackled from the beginning and there is no need to alter your audio afterwards with processes. That's the best way to maintain the quality of your recordings. 


    Please let me know your thoughts about it, looking forward to hearing from you! 


    All the best,



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