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Looking for French reviewers to see if I am a good narrator

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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Nanny, hope you're doing great!

    This is Julián, from the Bunny QC team.  Thank you for reaching the community site, we're here to help solve every issue a pro might have with its recordings.

    I've heard about the samples you sent to us and the suggestions you gave to the community in order to address your quality. Since I studied a bit of French before and I know how the phonetics from this language can affect a voice over recording, I'd suggest attacking the following issues on your recordings:

    A). There are several mouth noises in your recording that distract from the quality of the performance. 

    We invite you to visit our community page where you'll find tips on how to control mouth noise issues:

    B). Loud background noise is impacting your recording and adversely affecting the quality of the deliverable. I heard on your recordings the constant noise of a fan or air conditioner device. Please record your voice-over in the most silent space you can.

    C). There is an audible room echo (reverberation) impacting your recording. Please ensure you record in an acoustically treated space. If you already have acoustic treatment, it may not be adequate. You'll find tips on acoustic treatment on our community page:

    D). Last but not least. There is a high level of white noise/hiss impacting your recording that is adversely affecting the quality of the deliverable. We invite you to review a webinar we hosted on how to control and manage hiss here:

    Well, Nanny, that's it for now. From my part, I appreciate the time you took for reaching us in order to improve your work and thrive on the Bunny Studio platform. We are more than happy to help you for the sake of getting better. Don't hesitate to contact me again if you have any other requests.

    Best regards,

    The Bunny Studio QC Team.

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