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some speedies/contests accepted, others not, but same editing process - 30ALQOCS

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  • Julian Cubillos #1520201666622

    Hi Jenn this is Julian, QC Team member.

    First of all, we're glad that you took your time in order reach us and look for improvements in our beloved community, we're happy to help all our pros.

    Second, I've been listening to the samples you uploaded in your profile and I find them interesting. Your personification and intonation performance is great, what I didn't find is quality consistency. Some of the samples have "Room Echo & Boxiness" issues, others have distortion on it. So let me guide you to the points you have to take into account before you process your recorded audio on your editing software.

    1. The most important thing is the recording, not the processing. You could save time and resources if your recording space is optimally adequate for recording purposes. You would be surprised if I tell you that you can achieve great results without spending a fortune. For that reason, I left here a link where you can find tips on acoustic treatment on our community page: https://bit .ly/2MrNsSV. With that in mind, you could stop using noise reduction processing.
    2. The best way to prevent plosives is by using a professional pop filter and recording at an appropriate distance from the mic, if you acquire a propper pop filter, you'll stop using the "de-plosive" process

    3. If your recordings have high levels of electrostatic (interference) noises and hiss, I highly suggest that review a webinar we hosted on how to control and manage hiss here:
    4. Watch out for the level of your microphone! Sometimes the distortion is present in your recording and it is affecting the quality of the audio. Please lower your mic preamp level to avoid any degradation in the audio.

    Finally, compression and de-breathing are fine processes you could apply to your recording in order to achieve a professional sound. Nevertheless, over-processing with lots of effects could lead to an unnatural sounding voice full of artifacts, so the points we cover before can replace most of your processing chain except for compression. On the other hand, breathing can be removed by hand-editing on your software of chioce.

    I sincerely hope that my points were clear and helpful enough. I'll be here next time if you have more questions. Do not hesitate if you want to reach some help from our QC Team. Until next time.

    Julian Cubillos

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