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  • Elizabeth I. Acree #3510816587

    I find this odd as my voice overs were accepted and were recorded with the same equipment. Further, my acceptance email was lost in the mail and I didn't get it until after the reminder. I would still like to work with you, though i did seek your guidance on charging anything more than 60USD per hour. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you. Elizabeth I Acree

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  • Steven Cifuentes #1510178917601

    Hi David, thanks for reaching out! 

    Effectively your audios have the following issues:

    -Loud electrical noise/static: for this, we recommend you to check the quality of your current and maybe buy something like a voltage regulator (like those furman) to remove any unwanted noise in the current. Also, is important to check the earth current of your studio, if it's not properly installed, some static noises can appear in your recordings.

    -There's boxiness: This issue is produced due to the reflection of sound in hard surfaces. Maybe you are recording too close to a window/wall/bookshelf that is producing this unwanted sound. 

    -There's over-processing: The envelope of your voice sounds unnatural and may be due to the use of a "noise reduction plugin". For this, we recommend to record in good conditions, so there's no need for additional repair processing that can damage the quality of the audio. 

    I hope this helps you to achieve a better quality and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards, 


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