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  • Joe Cullen Brown #3168004317

    Hello Katabelle,

    Another voice actor here - not on Bunny Studio staff. I just enjoy participating in the community.

    We have nearly the same setup - I too use a TLM 103 and Vocal-Booth-To-Go curtains. And my pre-amp/interface is a Focusrite Clarett.

     I listened to both versions of the demo. You mentioned being about 5 inches from the mic, but it seems like a lot farther in your video. And I am hearing some room reflections in the audio. The StudioBricks booth will be a good addition, but in the meantime you may need to add more sound blankets, towels, pillows, or other sound absorbent materials on hard surfaces near you.

    I have sound curtains encircling my entire recording space, shaggy carpet on the floor (not stylish but blocks audio reflections) acoustic traps on the ceiling, bass traps in two corners. and folded towels on the desk where my monitor and gear sits. That took a little money, but nowhere nearly as much as a vocal booth.

    You may need to work the mic closer as well. That Neuman 103 will be sensitive to plosives - even with a pop filter  - so you might experiment working the mic slightly off axis. Your face would be on axis with the microphone's pickup pattern, but you turn slightly - about 30 degrees - to the side, so plosives do not strike the microphone capsule.

    Just a couple sugestions. You have a great voice and presentation, so best of luck in your career!

    Joe Brown


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  • Katabelle Ansari #1171760997

    Thank you so much, Joe!  I've put a few folded towels around, and an old acoustic blanket and a Sailor Moon plush blanket,

    I've updated my sample with this treatment:

    Sounds better ♪ thanks so much, Joe!!

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  • Joe Cullen Brown #3168004317


    Yes - much less room sound in the recording! Good job.

    Did you work the mic a bit closer? I did notice a bit of harshness in the sound - not sure if the mic gain was a bit too high or not. Did you use any EQ or compression? If you do, be really careful about boosting high end - I rarely do it with that TLM 103. And if you use any compression at all, I would do only about 1.5 to 1 for the ratio. Much more than that and it starts to sound over-processed. Compression will also tend to boost those sibilants and can make a track sound harsh.

    Congrats on addressing those room & surface echos! Will be interesting to hear what a Bunny Studio QC team member thinks.


    Joe B.

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  • Samantha #376438863679

    Hi Katabelle,

    Apologies for the late response! But thank you all the same for reaching out to us here :)

    I've just had a listen to your recording and couldn't agree more with Joe's remarks.
    Excellent work on getting rid of the reverb and room echo issues in your recording!

    In your latest recording, it does sound just slightly over-processed. This could be due to some corrective EQing, or noise removal plug in implemented. Which, isn't too bad to be honest - But if you dial it back slightly on your processing methods, it should help and make it less noticeable in the high end frequencies.

    Lovely performance in each take Katabella, you have one of those wonderfully infectious voices that is full of high energy. Keep up the great work! 

    Joe, thank you for all your insight and recommendations on the community. It is always a delight to see you around these parts, and I hope you will continue to share your wealth of knowledge.

    Hope you both have a fantastic week!

    All the very best, 

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  • Katabelle Ansari #1171760997

    Thank you so much, Joe & Samantha. 


    You've helped a lot! I'll keep an eye on the EQ, I used noise reduction in the updated sample. 
    I'll use less next time, thank you for the compliment & feedback :) 

    Have a great week, Samantha & Joe

    -Kata ♪ ♥

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