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rechazaron mis 3 ejemplos y me gustaría un mejor feedback para mejorar y volver a presentarlos

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  • Gabriela Schneider #1534751531821

    Hi, Yuleica!

    Hope you're doing well! =)

    I contacted our QC about the reasons on why your samples were rejected, and they got back to us:

    The first sample has no introduction and it is not clear what the article is about, it is just a list of tips. A good piece needs an introduction and a conclusion, as well as links of interest for the user (assuming it is a blog post).
    The second sample has the same issues as the first, and also has grammar issues.

    We hope that with this feedback, you can upload your samples accordly and with no trouble!

    If you do need any further help, we're always happy to help.



    Gabriela Schneider

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